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What Should Team Members Do During a Web Server Outage?

  1. Primary TS server down? Move to the backup server.
  2. Direct other team members you meet online to this page and check back here regularly for updates.
  3. Turn on Xfire and/or Steam and check the team group for any information. [ Xfire Group ] [ Steam Group ]
  4. If all else fails, begin panicking and/or looting.
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When there are problems connecting to the website that are not posted on this page, it may be helpful to perform a trace route to the website server to see if there is a problem somewhere between you and the server.

Windows. Open the Command Prompt and execute the following:

Mac or Linux. Open the Terminal and execute the following:

Incomplete connection hops after your router and before the web server usually indicate a problem with your ISP's network connection.

There are no announcements at this time.
If you are certain that there is a service outage, check back here later for updates once our staff can respond.